CCL Training Class Terms & Conditions

In-Person Class Safety Measures:

All individuals - instructors and students involved with the CCL class will be required to take their temperature daily. Anybody with their temperature >100.4oF must leave the premise and monitor his/her symptoms. Students with reported fever will have to re-register for another in-person class. All employees and visitors will be required to wear face mask, face shield, and lab coat, which Metcut will provide. Frequent hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing is required. In order to maintain social distancing and avoid congestion, student to instructor ratio will be reduced. Workstations and high touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and at the close of business or between shifts. Students travelling from so called hot spot states, which have =/> 15% COVID positivity rate, will be asked to self-quarantine for fourteen days as per Governor DeWine’s travel advisory before attending the class. Please visit for state’s COVID-19 travel advisory.

Enrollment Policy: 

Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment in a CCL class. All seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Metcut reserves the right to accept or reject any person from attending a class at any time for any reason.

Enrollment in a class is not complete until the student receives a written confirmation from Metcut. The confirmation will be sent to the email address provided during enrollment.

General Information:

In 2021, CCL will be offering hybrid class - part virtual, part in-person classes, instead of traditional 5 days in-person class. Virtual class consist of live online lectures and demonstrations. It is a 2 days class which can be taken from the comfort of one’s house or office. Students must pre-register to gain access to online class. After completion of the online class, students must come to CCL, located at 1775 Carillon Blvd. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 45240, for 2.5 - 3 days in-person class. In-person class involves written exams, hands-on trainings and exams, and capability test demonstrations. Students must have a good understanding of the lectured material before coming to in-person class. Students will be split into two groups of two each. Groups will alternate between instructors for microscopy portion and other general laboratory portion. Students must pre-register for both formats.  Though registrations are separate for online and in-person classes, students are encouraged to register for in-person class immediately, not to wait after the completion of online class. Registration for online classes will close 2 weeks in advance of class start date.

All classroom and hands-on instruction are given in English. Each student attending the class must be fluent in English or make arrangements for an interpreter. If an interpreter is going to accompany a student to class, this must be identified during the enrollment process. An interpreter attending a class for the sole purpose of translating instructions for a student(s) may attend at no charge.

Boxed lunch will be provided each day during in-person class. Special dietary needs must be identified during enrollment. Metcut will work with students and make every reasonable effort to accommodate specific dietary requirements.

Students are solely responsible for attending each class at the appointed times. Metcut provides information about local travel and hotel accommodations but does not warrant the services provided or received.

Cancellation Policy:

In-person class registration cannot be cancelled for non-COVID-19 reasons. For COVID-19 related cancellation, students must provide supporting documents for full refund. If a student has to re-register for the in-person class which is outside six weeks post-online class completion, student will be asked to re-register for online class at no added cost. Enrollment for online class can be cancelled up to 30 days in advance of the class with a minimum cancellation fee of $500.00. Registration will be forfeited for cancellation made within 30 days of class start date and for no shows. Written notice of cancellation must be sent to

Written notice of cancellation may be sent to

or mailed to:

CCL Administrator
Metcut Research Inc.
1775 Carillon Blvd.
Cincinnati Ohio 45240

Metcut reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class for any reason. In the event a class is cancelled, Metcut will first work with each enrolled student to find a suitable alternate class to attend. If an alternate class cannot be found, refund of the class enrollment fee will be offered. Metcut accepts no liability for any costs incurred by an enrolled student for a cancelled class, including but not limited to, travel expenses, reservation fees or hotel fees.

Obtaining the US visa can take up to six months, so registrants are recommended to apply for US visa as early as possible.  

Refund Policy:

Under no circumstance will the amount of refund exceed the amount of payment received by Metcut. If a cancellation fee applies, the amount of the fee will be subtracted from the reimbursement amount. Refund policy excludes alternate payment fee.