Central Coatings Laboratory Training Syllabus

This course focuses on the requirements of applicable GEA Engineering specs. and GEA S-459.


Asynchronous Online Class Schedule

Day One: Introduction (General Coatings Information), Mechanical Testing (Tensile, Lap Shear, Erosion, Hardness). 

Day Two: Metallographic Preparation (Section, Mount, Grind, Polish), Metallographic Evaluations

Class will be organized via GoToTraining application on preset date and time. Link to the class will be emailed to email provided during registration. 

Class beings at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. Students are encouraged to have good comprehension of the online lectures before arriving for in-person class. 

In-person Class Schedule

In-person class involves following activities: written exams based off online lectures, hands-on training/ practical exams on coatings evaluation, and capability test hands on. These activities will be alternated between groups, so there will be no set order. Students will be handed out exams for course material covered in online class when they arrive on Day One.  Student will have till the end of second day to return those tests. End of the in-person class involves 1-on-1 review. Students must complete online and in-person classes within four to six weeks and pass all exams to be certified CCL trained.

In-person class begins at 8 am and ends at 4:30 pm. 

Additional Information

  • Metcut has multiple locations. Training is help at the following address:
    Metcut Research Inc. / Cincinnati Testing Laboratories
    1775 Carillon Blvd.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
  • Continental Breakfast (fruits, bagel, donuts,) and boxed lunch will be provided. Please identify any dietary considerations on your application.
  • Dress attire is business casual. We work under a professional but relaxed atmosphere. 

Please direct questions to or (513)-271-5100

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