Central Coatings Laboratory Training Syllabus

This course focuses on the requirements of GE S-459.



  • Introduction (General Coatings Information) - 2.5 hours
  • Mechanical Testing (Tensile, Lap Shear, Erosion, Hardness)* - 5 hours


  • Mechanical Testing Continued* - 2 hours
  • Metallography Preparation Presentation (Section, Mount, Grind, Polish) - 2.5 hours
  • Metallography Preparation Hands-On - 3 hours
    (Take Home Test Issued)


  • Metallography Evaluation Presentation - 2 hours
  • Metallography Evaluation Hands-On - 6 hours
    (Take Home Test Issued)


  • Written and Hands-On Testing - 8 hours


  • Review and Wrap-Up - 2-4 hours

* Includes Lecture and Hands-On Participation

Additional Information

  • Class begins at 8:00 am EST each day and typically ends around 4:30 pm, except for Friday.
  • Metcut has multiple locations. Training is help at the following address:
    Metcut Research Inc. / Cincinnati Testing Laboratories
    1775 Carillon Blvd.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
  • Continental Breakfast (fruits, bagel, donuts,) and Lunch will be provided. Please identify any dietary considerations on your application.
  • Dress attire is business casual. We work under a professional but relaxed atmosphere.

Please direct questions to or (513)-271-5100